Personal Data Application Form


As the data officer of our company, our employees, suppliers, members, visitors, business
Ezel Mensucat San, including our contacts, business partners, third parties. and tic.
A.All personal data processed by Ş are subject to mutual rights and
we inform you about our obligations. Personal Data No. 6698
In the Protection Law (Hereinafter referred to as the “KVK Law”) as the relevant person
defined personal data owners (Hereinafter referred to as the “Applicant”), KVK
In accordance with Article 11 of the Law on the processing of personal data, a number of requests
the right to be found has been granted. In accordance with the first paragraph of Article 13 of the KVK Law; data
applications to be made to our responsible Company regarding these rights must be submitted in writing or
The board of protection of personal data (hereinafter the “board” is referred to as by
it must be transmitted to us by other designated methods. In this context, “written” as
Applications to be submitted to our company, based on the output of this form;
• The applicant will be able to apply in person using the following methods.
In-Person Application
(The applicant must come personally and apply with a document confirming his identity) Airport Cad.
No: 40/A Pk:144 Dulkadiroglu – Kahramanmaraş / Turkey “Personal Data on the envelope
A Request for Information under the Protection Act will be written ”.
Notification through a notary
Airport Cad. No: 40/A Pk:144 Dulkadiroglu – Kahramanmaraş / Turkey Notification envelope
”Request for Information in accordance with the Law on the Protection of Personal Data” will be written.
Application By E-mail The subject section of the e-mail “Information on the Law on the Protection of Personal Data
The request will be written ”.
In addition, after the announcement of other methods that the Board will determine, these methods will also be used
The Company will announce how the applications will be received.
Your applications submitted to us are subject to paragraph 2 of Article 13 of the Law on Personal Data Protection
accordingly, according to the nature of the request, within thirty days from the date your request reaches us
yanitlandirila will be. Our responses are in accordance with the provision of Article 13 of the relevant PDP Law
it will be delivered to you in written or electronic form. (Your application is free of charge
it will be concluded only if the transaction also requires a cost, determined by the Board
the fee in the tariff will be charged.)
A. Applicant contact information:
Name: Surname Name: T.C. ID Number/Passport Number: Phone Number: E-mail: Address:
B. Please indicate your relationship with our Company. (Our employees, suppliers, visitors,
such as our business contacts, business partners, third parties)
* Employee * Customer * Visitor * Business partner * Other(please specify):
The Unit you are in contact with within our company: Subject:
☐ My Former Employee Years of Work: ☐ I Applied for a Job / Shared a Resume Date: ☐
I am an Employee of a Third-Party Company
Please specify the company and position information you are working for
C. Please specify your request in detail within the scope of the PDP Law:
D. Please choose the method of notification of our response to your application to you:
☐ I want it sent to my address. ☐ I want to get it delivered by hand. ☐ My e-mail address
I want it sent.
(In case of receipt by proxy, a notarized power of attorney or a certificate of authority
is required.) This application form, by determining your relationship with our Company, if any, our Company
by determining your personal data processed by us in full, you will be able to correctly and
it has been arranged to be answered within the legal period. Unlawfully and unfairly
disposal of legal risks that may arise from data sharing and, in particular, personal
in order to ensure the security of your data, our Company October provide additional documents and
information (Copy of identity card or driver’s license, etc.) reserves the right to request. Form
the information about your requests that you submit within the scope of is not accurate and up-to-date, or
if an unauthorized application is made, our Company may receive such incorrect information or an unauthorized application
it does not accept liability for claims arising from it. The requests I mentioned above
in accordance with Article 13 of the Law, my application to your Company
I would like to be evaluated and informed. We have provided you with this application
i declare and undertake that my documents and information that I have are accurate and up-to-date, belong to me
I will. The Personal information and documents I have provided in this application form are numbered 6698
In accordance with Article 13 of the Data Protection Law, I have submitted an application for
evaluation, response, delivery of my application to me, my identity and
i allow my address to be processed by Your Company, limited to detection purposes.

Applicant (Personal Data Owner)
name surname:
Date of Application:

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