Our Human Resources Policy:

Ezel Tekstil human resources policy; The company knows that economic development and stable development in all areas will be realized with good and happy employees in accordance with its mission and vision activities. It maintains a fair, transparent, forward-looking and principled attitude within the limits of merit. It aims for its employees to be a leader, constantly developing, visionary, with a business ethics and ethics, with a high performance and eternal Textile spirit and understanding; with a high commitment to the company, efficient, healthy, happy in their daily lives as well as in their work.

Our main strategies in this direction are;

In the process of recruitment and post-recruitment work; To adopt only the “right person for the right job” policy in all processes without making any distinction for reasons based on race, language, religion, gender, political thought, faith and similar reasons,
Aware of the importance of health in our own work areas and areas; creating a peaceful working environment without leaving any missing points in terms of work, occupational health and safety,
To facilitate the learning process and keep the performance above the standard by dividing the training needs of employees into classes in the areas they specialize in or want to specialize in,
Protecting all personal rights of employees and working to improve these rights,
To provide support for morale, motivation, goal setting and development to all employees without distinguishing between white, blue or gray collars,
To make promotion, seniority and salary arrangements by evaluating the personnel in our community first for the new positions that have been formed or will be formed,
Encouraging employees to communicate openly without feeling pressured, without allowing anything that may be an element of pressure so that they can be productive, developing, developing,
To contribute to stress management by organizing social activities, meetings and leisure activities in order to effectively share the spirit of Ezel Tekstil with all our employees during and outside working hours and to indicate that they have stakeholders in the functioning,
To provide the best revision for our employees by following modern and pragmatic human resources practices through our expert staff,
Acting on the principle of ”approaching people humanely”, it can be listed as taking an active part in the integration of every process, application or investment that may be beneficial to employees.

For white and blue collar employees, a “Chief Employee Representative” has been selected to represent employees in all matters related to occupational health and safety, performance of work, and work. As stated in the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation, the duties and powers of the representative selected by the employees working at the workplace are as follows:

One or more employees authorized to represent workers in matters related to health and safety at work, monitor work, ask for measures to be taken, make suggestions and so on, act as a health and safety worker representative.

In addition to occupational health and safety, the employee’s representative is authorized to interview first-hand with all kinds of problems and complaints related to social and subsidiary rights, economic rights, work and work and try to solve them using his discretion if he can. Issues that cannot be resolved or that concern the company as a whole are transferred to the board of directors.

For blue-collar employees, there are also employee representatives for each business.

The chief employee representative and employee representatives perform the following tasks assigned to them in order to ensure business peace, maintain and maintain Dec balance between the business and the employer:

a) To ensure cooperation and Dec peace between the employee and the employer at work,

b) To convince the employee of unreasonable demands and complaints by examining the requests and complaints made by the employees, to reflect the demands and complaints that he considers reasonable to the employer in his own discretion (the representative cannot be punished due to the discretion used in these complaints.),

c) To try to Decipher the disputes between the employee and the employer in a friendly manner,

d) To find solutions to problems that may arise in matters related to the implementation of the provisions of a contract, if any, and, if necessary, to bring the matter to the employer after consulting the workers,

e) To try to prevent illegal attempts and behaviors within its competence, not to take part in such attempts and behaviors,

f) Regulating the relations of unionized workers with the trade union, if any,

g) To work on the smooth execution of the contract application,

i) To fulfill other obligations imposed on it by legislation.

* If employee representatives are unable to solve a problem, they are obliged to move the problem to the chief representative.

* General Occupational Health and Safety trainings requiring the participation of all our employees while ensuring a safe working environment and conditions for employees are organized by our company at December intervals.

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